Meet Our Team

The Lorient team is driven by passion with purpose. We have a saying around here: “Business doesn’t happen in the office.” We believe that healthcare only improves when talented people get out into the world, work together, get creative, and stay focused on patients.


Each of our partners and founders has years of experience leading from within the healthcare industry. Our deep industry knowledge and extensive network comes from real, firsthand experience working to improve patient outcomes every day.

Leadership Team

David Berman

Managing Partner

Jordan Broome

Managing Partner

David Vermiglio


Investment & Portfolio Management

Doug Shinkle

Vice President

Eric Bomarsi


Omar Khamis


Zach Linder


Ryan Panczak


Amir Pisheh


Nick Butterworth


Business Development

Tim Fitzsimmons

Managing Director

James Thornton

Vice President, Business Development

Jeff Craig

Senior Associate, Business Development

Yates Kline

Analyst, Business Development

Finance / Administration

Rhiannon Dixon

Chief of Staff

Cara Miller

Director of Finance

Karolien Koeken

Executive Assistant

Portfolio Ops Team

Rob Barrow

Director, Operations

Clint Barton

Vice President, Operations

Lisa Phillip

Vice President, Data Science & Architecture

Emma Greene

Associate, Marketing & Recruiting


Jason Bliss

Co-Founder, Healthy Living Network

Scott Barry

Co-Founder, Centria Healthcare

Barry Uphoff

Founder, Martis Capital


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