Transforming Emerging Healthcare Companies into Industry Leaders

Lorient is a private investment firm focused exclusively on the healthcare industry. Our distinctive approach blends our roots as entrepreneurs, operators, and investment professionals to build market-leading healthcare services companies.

We are first and foremost self-made business builders, with actual experience operating and managing growing companies. As investors, we seek to capitalize on that experience where we share a common vision for an opportunity.

We pursue investments in the healthcare “micro” middle market where we can leverage our experience, relationships, and operational expertise to implement strategies that create extraordinary value for all of our stakeholders.

Lorient Capital has a deep understanding of healthcare industry dynamics through decades of experience and successfully navigating multiple transformations of the market. Our team has a long history and proven track record of building emerging healthcare companies into industry leaders across numerous sub-sectors. We partner closely with entrepreneurs and proven operating executives to create and execute on a combined strategic vision for a market opportunity leveraging our personal networks and expertise.