Rise Health was founded to accelerate the adoption of value-based primary care to support primary care physicians in helping their patients get the best care possible. Rise Health provides its primary care practices with access to premium care delivery models and top-tier specialists to reduce practitioner administrative burden so they can focus on providing high-quality, evidence-based care for their patients. The technology-enabled model allows Rise Health to focus on outcomes and quality of care over volume of services with a focus on serving underserved patient populations.

“We co-founded Rise Health because we believe that primary care physicians know best how to care for their patients. Our value-based model aligns the business of primary care with the best interest of patients,” said Justin Dangel, Rise Health co-founder and chairman and partner at Despierta. “We could not be more excited to partner with two world-class firms who share our vision for the future of primary care: Lorient and Martis Capital.”

“We are excited to partner with an innovative and experienced management team at Rise Health that have spent their careers dedicated to clinical and operation excellence,” said Jordan Broome, Managing Partner at Lorient Capital. “We have a shared vision to usher in the next generation of value-based care that is focused on partnering with primary care practices to help them evolve into the linchpin and quarterback of the care continuum they were always meant to be.”

“This is an opportunity to partner with a unique value-based platform focused on driving reductions in healthcare cost while providing high-quality patient care,” said Barry Uphoff, Founding / Managing Partner at Martis Capital. “The Rise team has a clear vision for how their differentiated approach and technology infrastructure can address this longstanding challenge.”

The partnership will allow Rise Health to accelerate growth across the Southwest United States, with a focus on partnering with providers who are interested in eliminating unnecessary spending and improving the quality of care for their patients. Rise Health will continue to invest in technology to lower the cost curve and meet the needs of its growing patient population.

“We founded Rise Health because we believe that everyone should have access to high-quality healthcare, and that empowering primary care clinicians with the tools, technology and data to lead the transformation to value-based care is the best way to break down the barriers for traditionally underserved neighborhoods,” said Keith Pinter, CEO and co-founder of Rise Health. “The team we have built to date, including Dr. Mike Phillips as our Chief Medical Officer and Dr. Srinivas Bollimpalli as our Chief Operations Officer, is taking the best of what they have seen in healthcare today and bringing it together to deliver a fundamentally different model to the people who need it most. The partnership announced today is a testament to the confidence we have in the future impact Rise will make on the industry and for our patients.”

About Rise Health 

Founded in 2021 by Keith Pinter, Justin Dangel, Joseph Whitner and Despierta, Rise Health is a primary care platform that leverages technology to support providers in taking full financial risk. With a mission to help keep patients healthy, Rise brings proven care delivery and clinical innovations to its patients to ensure they receive the care when, where and how they need it. To learn more about Rise Health’s approach to primary care, visit us at: https://risehealth.net

About Lorient Capital 

Lorient is a private investment firm focused exclusively on healthcare service and technology companies. Leveraging its experience as both investors and healthcare operators, Lorient works with founders and management teams to drive growth, optimize operations, and improve healthcare outcomes. Visit us at: https://lorientcap.com/

About Despierta 

Despierta is a Miami-based venture studio that brings healthcare innovations to market faster by partnering with clinical customers at launch. The company is composed of seasoned entrepreneurs and investors passionate about making healthcare more equitable, efficient, and accessible. We centralize care models and include proven tech and scientific innovations in each company we build to better serve patients. To date, the company has launched several businesses across value-based care and science-backed consumer health. Visit us at: https://despierta.vc