Growth with a Mission

Lorient Capital provides capital and guidance to help healthcare businesses achieve meaningful growth. We partner with founder-owned, mission-driven healthcare businesses striving to become category leaders.


We work closely alongside founders, CEOs, and management teams, bringing our firsthand healthcare experience and creativity to the day-to-day challenges of scaling their businesses. Want to see what this partnership looks like? Watch us in action.

Our Focus

We partner with emerging healthcare services companies. We target opportunities within cash flow positive businesses requiring equity capital of $15M to $40M.

Our Culture

We seek to partner with business leaders whose vision, passion, and values align with our own. Here are a few essential beliefs we hold as we work with our portfolio companies.

People Come First

We’re laser-focused on developing better patient outcomes and better healthcare leaders. We believe that true success follows only after establishing authentic human relationships.

Collaboration is key

We seek dynamic, collaborative partnerships with healthcare leaders. Our team works intimately alongside you, bringing firsthand experience to the everyday challenges of scaling your businesses.

Think Different

We continuously imagine and implement creative ideas for improvement. We believe our deep healthcare expertise provides a solid foundation on which to build exciting, game-changing solutions.

Move Quickly

We prefer actions over words. We study hard, get our facts straight, and then act with confidence. We align best with leaders who strive for the same brand of thoughtful-yet-swift decision-making.